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Welcome to the KalaSudha community and its website. Please read the Terms of Service agreement carefully. You agree to use our site, and availing of its services constitutes your agreement to these Terms of Service agreement.


This site and all its allied Services are operated by KalaSudha Ltd (hereafter “we” and “us” also). We provide site users with digital content in the form of audio music, video music, albums, magazines, books, education, webinars, live shows, interviews, musical concerts and contests, and other such programmes. Your use of the site and availing of its services constitutes an agreement to our Terms of Service; regardless of how you access our site and its contents, it constitutes an ‘’agreement” between you and ‘’us”.


  1. Acceptance of Terms: By using this site, you have accepted our “Terms” for using our site and its services. You also agree to our rules and guidelines additionally. We have full rights to change the agreement, add something, or delete something from the agreement. We will notify you through posts on the Home Page of our site, emails and messages or any other means. Change in terms of Service of the agreement may occur any time of any day; we will have the last updated notice by referring to the date of update on the Terms of Service Agreement document. Your continued usage of our site and its allied services constitutes acceptance of changes in the agreement. You may inform us if you disagree with certain provisos and clauses. We are open to advice and suggestions but not bound to follow. The final decision on any matter rests with us.
  2. Jurisdiction: The company is registered in the UK, and the site operates from the UK. We come under the jurisdiction of UK courts and laws. If you access the site, you are responsible for complying with all local laws, rules and regulations applicable in the UK. Our site and services are worldwide, but we may limit the same or stop the same in some geographical regions, countries, cities or people.
  3. Your submitted Information: You have submitted certain information and given your data, regarding which we have our Privacy Policy. You can go to that on our Site. All your private and personal information, related information or information gained through third parties and usage are governed by our Privacy Policy. 
  4. Rules of Conduct: While using our site and availing of its facilities and services, we expect you to follow specific civilized rules of conduct. Some of these are given below:
    1. Do not try to hack, tamper, use malaise virus, trojan, attempt to reverse engineer, attempt to disable,  etc., with this site.
    2. Do not post/comment anything racist, objectionable, hurtful, insulting, threatening, trouble-seeking, uncivilized, obscene, pornographic, matter or text; anything like this will be against the accepted behaviour and goes against the rules of conduct.
    3. Do not promote, solicit, or advertise anything on this site; using spam, junk mail, chain letter, or pyramid matter is strictly objectionable and punishable. You will be banned forever,
    4. Any attempt to lure people, cheat or fraud, fraudulent behaviour, etc., by any means on this site is strictly banned.
    5. Copying, violating copyright, and using our trademark and business symbols are strictly prohibited.
    6. We may terminate your use of the Site for any conduct we consider inappropriate, unethical, breach of this Agreement, or for violating the Rules of Conduct. We reserve all the rights to give you the usage of our site and its allied facilities, and we can suspend or terminate it if we find you guilty of any misconduct.
  5. Log-in and Password: We will require your registration and use of this site through a Log-in and Password system. Keep your password protected. We may also add a system where your identity can be verified through AI. Your account is strictly yours, and you should not let anyone use it.
  6. Submissions: Artists and musicians willing to get their music published, album released, or video clips made need to submit their work; our panel will decide, guide, and enter into a legal agreement with the concerned artist and then will proceed for further business. 
  7. Copyright and other PRS: The artist will have copyright with himself/herself; it is his property, and strictly inviolable, fully protected by law. We are fully entitled to promote, sell, distribute, do business etc., with the music produced, book published, album created, film shot, etc. Any copyright violation or infringement will not be tolerated, and we will take legal recourse to protect the artists' copyright.
  8. Products and sales: We will launch a full range of merchandise products like music albums, books, magazines, concert tickets, mementoes and souvenirs, clothes etc. We have every right to do so, and no other person or institution other than us has any such right; we have total sale and distribution rights to such merchandise with us. Any person/institution copying, reproducing, reselling, or launching imitation of our products will be taken to the courts of law.
  9. Any unauthorized use of our site and allied services, products, or merchandise, is subject to civil and criminal cases and penalties, which may be monetary or any other form.
  10. Third Party: We may associate ourselves with any Third Party for providing certain services and facilities, who may have access to our data and other information users provide. We guarantee that they will not do anything unlawful which is not permissible by the law of the land. You agree to this by continuing to use our Site and its allied facilities. If you use any Content a Third Party provides, you are also subject to their Terms of Use and Services.
  11. Termination: Termination of the Agreement will be done in specific cases with a warning or even without warning to the user. 
  12. Grievance Redress: We are always eager to redress users’ complaints and grievances. They can email us at [email protected]
  13. Disclaimer: This agreement is between a service provider and a user. It does not create any partnership, business sharing, joint venture, employer-employee, or franchisor-franchisee relations between you and us. It is effective only until you continue to use our Site and its allied services.